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Hot Bhuvaneswari Aunty Nude Photo

48 Kama Comments so far
  1. iwanna fuck to buvaneswari aunt

  2. i loveyou ra

  3. Anonymous

    bhuvaneshwari aunty u hav a awesome boobs mindblowing

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  5. Anonymous

    iwanna fuck with you

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  7. kleir

    so huge…lucky photographer….next time i will take ur photograph if u r posing nude…by the way give me some milk…squeez it..

  8. Anonymous

    i love u…………

  9. Anonymous

    bhu,yuare sexy,yu got a gap between yur boobs, put my pric between yur boobs do 69, suc yur cunt flaps withsome cream

  10. Anonymous

    hai your boobs are so big try to increase your boobs as much as possible

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    tv anchor jahnavi pics kavali plssssssssssssssss

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    please give me appointment foor pressing

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    abbbaaa emi salle neevi nee bailu cheeki pooku dengutha lanja

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    WoW!What a BooBS!Allow me to Suck it and drink some MILK from your BooBS Darling!!!

  20. Anonymous

    Hai Bhuvi! You are showing only your boobs! Also show your Pussy!I am Awaiting to see it!!

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    WoW What a bOOb!Also allow me to Suck it for Full Nite

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    Hai Bhuvi Aunty!Please show me the HEAVEN by giving your bOObs to me for sucking&I will Wet your Pussy with my Saliva

  23. Anonymous

    Hei Dear!Please wet My face with your Sweet MILK Bcoz you are one the SWEETEST AUNTY I Have ever seen in my life!So Please???

  24. Anonymous

    ninnu dengaleni modda enduku bhuvana.giri

  25. Anonymous

    ni gudda bokka enta baaguntundo.baaga chikuta.giri

  26. Anonymous

    Is 50,000 Ok for you for a full nite???

  27. Vikaas

    You Are a super “MALGOVA AUNTY” Have I Ever seen in my life!Your “LIPS” iS also very very SEXY!When I am going to eat this “MALGOVA MANGO BOOBS”?? Please Give a Chance to me Aunty

  28. Anonymous

    fuck u

  29. Meera

    On seeing your boobs I also like to grow my boobs like you Aunty! Are you ready for Lesbian SEX Aunty?? I am waiting for you!!!

  30. Vikass

    I Want to clean your PUSSY with my Tounge daily After Pissing

  31. Milky Aunty

    Hei!Give me a “MILK BATH AUNTY” From your bOObs

  32. nice boob i like to crush them.
    i want to take it in my mouth

  33. Anonymous

    nice boobs i like to take it into my mouth

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  35. Anonymous

    very bad

  36. Anonymous

    Iwl do hanjob of thinking of u……….

  37. Anonymous

    Hey guys nice work
    v want pics wid these huge boobs so plzz keep shakilas pics

  38. raj

    good posture I want to keep my pennis in your lips.
    will u fuck it?

  39. Anonymous

    It is very nice to fuck her in the valley of love

  40. Anonymous

    ninnu chustene naa modda lestadi,nee boobs chusttu enni sarlu hp kottukuni naa rasanni karustano..lanjaaaaaa

  41. dcprice1200

    Sublime as a pair of black-eyed susan blossoms.

  42. Anonymous

    Darling Bhuvaneshvari:
    You are my milkevari. I want to drink from your two big milk jugs and use the excess to make ice cream. We will sell it as Bhuvesvari milk cream for one thousand dollars a gallon. You do not have to pay any money but give me your body. I want to kiss and suck your underarms, your beautiful big boobs, your pussy and asshole til they are all dry. Then we will do a sixty nine with my cock in your mouth and my tongue in your pussy. When we are doing this I finger fuck your ass and you finger fuck my ass. I will drink your cum and you drink my cum. Then I will fuck your pussy deep till my cock reaches your throat from inside. After a long pussy fucking I will lubricate your ass with my salaiva and our cums and put my big cock in in your asshole and fill your stomach with my pussy. When all this done you sit in my face and urinate in my mouth and then I will sit on your face and urinate in your mouth.
    It seems the Chennai police arrested you for prostiution. None of their business, I will pay you six hundred US dollar to kiss, lick and fuck every part of your body,if necessary right in front of the police. It is between you and me, two consenting adults. I am anxious to fuck you and drink your milk and cum. Please post reply here.

    June 11, 2010 10:39 PM

  43. Anonymous

    ohh i wanna fuck u darling………….

  44. Anonymous

    haaaaa cuming out

  45. guru

    i wanna fuck u

  46. guru

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  47. Anonymous

    I will see your hot in live your parts are super

  48. raja

    bhuvaneshwari un pundaya naaku podanum….
    kundila vittu attanum

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